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  • Bittorrent streaming

    Use it to stream video to your PC, media box or other devices. It´s fast, secure and easy!

    • featureNo download restrictions
    • featureFast streaming
    • featurePay only for what you use
    • featureEasy to start
  • Stream via VLC

    Streamcub uses VLC to maximize codec support and stream quality.

    VLC is a open source and free media player software. It is simple to use and has a extensive data codec support.

  • Easy payment

    Using streamcub should be easy in every aspect.
    So, we support payment via paypal or Bitcoins. Via pypal payment can be processed on all major credit cards.

  • Model 1
  • Model 2
  • Model 3

Streamcub - stream movies and tv shows online


Streamcub is a bittorent cloud storage service. We offer a clean interface for managing your torrents. Fast, reliable and secure. Our interface allows for direct content streaming. Watch your content using VLC, your media box or web browser. Sign up and give it a try, adding content is free! We respect your privacy so signing up for an account just means registrering an email .

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Why use Streamcub?

What is streamcub?

Streamcub is a online bittorrent cloud storage service and allows users to stream video directly into a web browser, your media box or to a VLC client. The service is fast and secure and does not have any storage limitations. You can add as many torrents as you like to your account and you only pay for the bandwidh you use when streaming.

Steamcub features

  • featureEasy to use interface
  • featureData encryption and secure transfer
  • featureSimple settings
  • featureAccess your data anywhere
  • featureFast and smooth streaming
  • featureIn browser streaming using VLC plugin
  • featureAttractive pricing
  • featureNo storage limits
  • featureAPI interface avaliable
Stream your content online

Streamcub packs your torrent files and makes them avaliable though http/https streams. This means that you can stream your content directy to your webbrowser (using the vlc plugin), directly to VLC or to your home theater. Basically all your video torrents avaliable on demand anytime, anywhere.

No storage limitations

Streamcub does not limit the amount of data you store in our servers. You can add as many torrents as you like and we will download them for you. Oh, and by the way, all data is encrypted and only you can access your files.

Lightning fast network

Streamcub uses a state of the art network infrastructure and servers all over the world. This means that regardless on where you are, you should always get your data fast, reliable and secure.

Affordable pricing

We co-operate with other players in this space and as such, we share costs. This means that we can offer you a very good price on our service. You only pay for the bandwidh you use and you can easily buy more as you go and once bought, the bandwidht never expires. You only pay for bandwidh consumption, signing up and adding content is absolutley free.